Water Heater Key Problems And Their Solutions


Water Heater Key Problems And Their SolutionsEven with the best water heater in the world, it is going to experience some problems. At times, calling the installation company may not be possible. Besides that, it might prove to be too expensive. This could present problems for the person and lead to unnecessary expenses. All these issues can be solved by simply having the right solutions to the small issues. Most problems will be self-evident and only require a short diagnosis.

Water Being Too Hot

This is a common problem when using a water heater. However, it need not be a major source of worry. The solution is easy to find and does not require one to spend money making phone calls. It is always advisable to test the hot water before jumping in for a bath. At times, it might be scalding hot. When this problem occurs, one only has to check the thermostat. This can be done by consulting online. If the problem is too extensive, one has to call someone to replace it or make repairs to it. In some cases, it is just that it is set incorrectly and requires re-calibration.

A Bad Odor

Water Heater Key Problems And Their Solutions

This is another common issue with water running through a water heater. This is a small issue and it can be solved quite fast. The problem occurs when bacteria reacts with magnesium anodes in the tank. These anodes are meant to prevent the tank from rusting. As a result, removing them is not a solution. At times, this may lead to the warranty being avoided. This will present problems in future when one has bigger problems. In such a case, one will have to pay for all the repairs.

The solution lies in placing hydrogen peroxide in this tank. Just a few drops are enough to kill the bacteria. It is a simple and inexpensive solution to what seems to be a big issue. One should then let the water run through all the pipes in the home. They should then shut the pipes for a few hours. This should take place preferably at night. It will ensure the hydrogen peroxide has enough time to act.

Noisiness and Colored Water

People who are using a water heater will face this problem at some point during its lifetime. In extreme cases, one may need to replace the unit for a newer one. However, this is not the only solution that exists. Other ways to resolve this problem do not involve such expensive measures. The common cause of noise is chunks of rust clogging up the heater. This will mean that rust seeps into the water thus causing it change color. The tank should be drained and flushed. This will normally solve the problem immediately.


Water heaters have many simple problems associated with them. These solutions are inexpensive and easy to implement. For units that are out of warranty, they may come in handy to help make one’s life easier. They are worth trying out after a bit of research online.