Elliptical Machine VS Rowing Machine

For a long, long time, before I subscribe to a gym, I tried different exercises to keep fit. In that time, my options were very limited. I tried to run on the track in my high school, since it was free. I forced myself to go out every day to run on hot asphalt. It lasted a few weeks and then I gave up because the training was too monotonous, and my knees were beginning to make me really badly.

I then invested in a used rowing machine found on the internet. It had cost me 160 dollars if I remember correctly. It was a big investment for me at the time, but I was really motivated to get back in shape. The rowers were becoming popular at that time, too, and wanted to be in on it. I used this rower religiously for a long time. After all, I had used much of the time my savings to buy it. The rower was rather basic and well designed, and there was no risk that he fails. Obviously, it was making a lot of noise, and left some indelible marks on my carpet at the time. I also suffered callus on the hands (then I used gloves).

Elliptical Machine VS Rowing Machine10 years later, rowing machines are much more advanced and also much cheaper. They use some of the technologies used in high-end elliptical trainers such as magnetic resistance which is quieter and more regular. They also have mostly a heart rate monitor that is directly integrated wrists, or clinging to the torso. This also helps to monitor the amount of calories burned. So, which of the two machines is the best one? The Elliptical or the Rowing machine ? Let’s make a tour of the criteria used to assess these two devices.


Rowing machines are extremely efficient, but require more effort on the part of the user to use them properly, especially learning the movement. Unfortunately, many people do not use the correct movement, and damage their back. Just like the elliptical machine as claimed over at ellipticalratings.net, the rowing machine has little impact on the joints, but the legs are folded and unfolded with every movement, which could be uncomfortable for people who have knee problems.

Ease of use

As for safety, it is necessary to learn how to properly use the rowing machine. Unlike an elliptical, which is more intuitive to use, the rower requires little learning time. It takes a little more coordination between the bottom and the upper body. But this should not discourage you from using this machine, since it has other advantages we’ll be going over.

Quality of training:

A rowing machine offers great cardiovascular workout. It offers a superior intensity to the elliptical machine, which is significant because it works the upper and lower body. The elliptical machine also works the upper body, but far less intensely. On a rowing machine, you will develop your muscles as well as your heart.


Elliptical Machine VS Rowing MachineEllipticals are also slightly more expensive than the rowers, although the price difference is only a few dozen dollars. That can make a difference when looking for a first prize training machine model. Finally, the elliptical and rowing machines are two training machines that are worth their cost and the differences are minimal.
If you have the opportunity, you can even buy both to vary your workouts. In fact, the problem that most beginners often encounter is boredom, because training gets too monotonous. It is sometimes better to buy a rowing machine and an elliptical low-end bike, rather than a single high end rowing machine.