Discover Semois Valley & Its Top Attractions

Discover Semois Valley

Discover Semois ValleyThe Semois Valley, located in Belgium’s southeastern most region, has for long been renowned for it picture postcard beauty. The region is full of delightful contrasts, where you will discover captivating forested hills and river valleys dotted with a host of charming towns and quaint villages. Watching the beautifully serpentine river flow through the heavily wooded slopes is a sight for weary and sore eyes. For those who enjoy physical activities during their vacations, Semois Valley is a virtual treasure trove with several enchanting hiking trails offering spectacular views.

Beyond the abundance of scenic beauty, Semois Valley also offers visitors to enjoy a peek into its historical monasteries, eccentric but always delightful pubs and cafes, and some wonderful places to stay. Here is our curated list of top attractions in Semois Valley.

Top Attractions In Semois Valley

1. The hiking trails: Hiking is without a doubt the best way to discover the natural splendor of this region. While there are a lot of hiking trails abounding in the region, the Nature Center of Botrange is arguably one of the most popular. For travelers who want to admire the river abutted by steep hills on both the sides, Rochehaut village is the place to be. One of the most visited venues in the region is the intriguing Grottes de Hotton, housing a diverse array of stalagmites.

2. Monasteries and towns: The many monasteries and towns dotting the Semois Valley region are probably their best kept secrets. You can visit many of these monasteries (some of them are closed to visitors) that are famous for producing some of the most exotic Belgian beer such as the Orval Trappist. Among the towns, the city of Liege is perhaps the most well known. This uniquely charming town is also home to the Musee de La Vie Wallonne, dedicated to the unique history of Belgium’s Walloon tribe.

3. The local cuisine: The region is not only home to monasteries producing some of the finest beer in Belgium, but also some truly eccentric eateries serving both traditional and avant garde cuisine. For example, Le Pot au Lait would surprise and amuse you with its truly maverick decor while you sipped on the region’s popular La Chouffe beer. In addition, there are other restaurants and bistros that serve fresh local and seasonal produce including fishes from the river, seafood, as well as local game.

Discover Semois ValleyFor people who prefer a modern twist on the traditional cuisine, La Petite Fugue, located in Namur, is the perfect destination. This minimalist restaurant, reflected in its spartan interior, creates a delightful modern and minimalist twist on traditional french cuisine.

4. Cottages and chateau: One of the major delights of visiting Semois Valley is that you get to stay in centuries old stone houses and cottages that have been refurbished to offer all the modern amenities. Instead of bland hotels, these cottages are steeped in history, and worth a visit by themselves. Many of these quaint old cottages and chateaus offer a stunning view of the region, while you marvel at their antique furniture, Art Deco themes, and plush amenities.

To conclude, it would be fair to say that a trip to this picturesque Belgian region makes for a quintessential European vacation. You are treated to some top of the line local cuisine and drinks, while savoring in a lifestyle that flawlessly blends the modern with the traditional. The natural beauty of Semois Valley is simply an icing on the cake, allowing visitors to soak in the magnificent countryside of this region.