4 Best Golf Irons of 2016

As 2016 is fast approaching, companies in the golf industry are now rushing to finalize and release their flag bearer irons in an effort to capitalize on the ever growing golf irons demand. So if you are new to the sport or a seasoned Pro golfer here is a list compiled with the help from our friend over at the golf spy.

Here are some of the best golf irons of 2016;

1. Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 Irons

4 Best Golf Irons of 2016The JPX EZ irons have always been quality irons and the 2016 version is no black sheep. The cast steel head has been subjected to a complete makeover replacing the distinctive orange cosmetics of the previous model with a more subtle dark styling.

The undercut cavity is thinner on the sole thus enabling the face to flex a bit more at a impact. The new cavity design keeps the center of gravity basically on equal in depth from front to back. Also, the shape of the toe is also more streamlined when compared to the previous model making it more forgiving on off-center hits.

2. Taylor Made PSI Irons

4 Best Golf Irons of 2016First thing first, the PSI which stands for Players slotted iron, has now been fitted with a multi material badge in the rear to control sound and vibration. It has a cut through the sole slot and cutouts on the face which is aimed at increasing flex and maintaining ball velocity on off-center hits.

The PSI is also fitted with Tungsten weighing in the long irons which is crucial in increasing launch while the forged short iron offer heightened feel. In an effort to provide that special edge for a golfer, there is a 360-degree undercut channel at the head which goes a long way in ensuring consistent carry distance.

3. Callaway Apex Pro Irons 2016

4 Best Golf Irons of 2016Callaway have developed this iron squarely for both the pro seasoned players and the lower handicapper, and from the statistics of the previous model it is no doubt that it will also be a big successes to the company. Aiming for an iron that combines distance and work-ability, the Apex Pro Iron has been fitted with the popular 360 cup technology in a forged head, which is a first. This makes it quite handy and effective especially in off- center hits.

4. Cleveland Black CB Irons

4 Best Golf Irons of 2016Although it has not been made official yet, rumor has it that the black CB Iron destined for a 2016 launch and for good reason too, it is magnificent and deserves a seat at the high table. The black has a cavity back option that is very popular with the amateur player who fancies the best combination of distance and forgiveness.

The swing speed has been clocked at 85 to 105 mph and this favors players with a fast swing and not to digress too much from their previous aimed market base of seniors and women that the Black CB is famous for, it has a low swing which proves to be very kind to the back. Pro players will appreciate the slight draw bias built in the Black CB that ensures penetrating and clinical accurate ball flight.